What is VegeCapable?

VegeCapable is an online tool and resource material designed for aspiring cookbook authors. Its userfriendly interface will allow people with little computer experience to maximize its features.

Vegetarian Food Analysis

VegeCapable allows access to your plant food's nutritional value. You can encode the amount of your food in grams and indicate its size. You can even change the name of the food to suit your local dialect.

Recipe Maker

It also allows you to combine your food items into a recipe. The nutritional value of the ingredients in the recipe will also be shown beside the written procedure.
You can share the nutritional value of your recipes to your friends and relatives in any dialect of your choosingt through print and as slides for your health lectures and cooking demonstrations.

Book Creator

You can also ask the website to combine your recipes into a cookbook. You can also include your dedication, acknowledgements, and a little information about yourself as the author. VegeCapable automatically arranges your recipes and all you have to do is print as many as you want. You can share or sell these books.

VegeCapable ensures that you are capable in making healthy vegetarian recipes through its 30-hour workshop.

Topics include:

Issues on Vegetarianism
Nutrient Consevation
Principles of Food and Nutrition
Diet and Disease
Recipe Modification
Menu Multiplication
Food and Table Beautification
Book Writing
VegeCapable Hands-on Tutorial
and many more

This will be tackled by experienced and licensed health professionals.

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